Dakota Indians

 An old Dakota Indian saying is

 “If you notice that you are riding a dead horse, get off.”

But, in business life we are following other strategies when we are in such a situation:

  1. We are buying a stronger whip.
  2. We are exchanging the horseman.
  3. We say “We always have done horse riding this way.”
  4. We are setting up a team to analyse the horse.
  5. We are visiting other places to check how they are riding dead horses.
  6. We are rising the quality standards for riding dead horses.
  7. We are setting up a task force to revive the dead horse.
  8. We are doing a training session to increase our ability to ride.
  9. We are comparing different dead horses.
  10. We are changing the criteria which determine when a horse is dead.
  11. We are hiring external specialists to ride the dead horse.
  12. We are binding several dead horses together to ensure they get faster.
  13. We are releasing additional budget to increase the performance of the dead horse.
  14. We are communicating that our horse is “better, faster and cheaper” dead.
  15. We are setting up a quality circle to find other ways of usage for dead horses.
  16. We are setting up an independent cost center for dead horses.

Well, this is business life and sometimes it would be better we were Dakota Indians.